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Using Your OnStar Mod

As we continue, Motorola Binary Protocol will be known as MBP.

First things first. I have found the best setting for your com port is 4800. Leave it set at that, and WinOncore will bump it up to the 9600 setting it needs to communicate in MBP. To do so, go to your device settings and set your com port speed to 4800.



Now, you have your plug in place and are ready to plug into your laptop. You will need to  Email Me for WinOncore  as it is no longer available from Motorola to download. (As of last update)

When you open WinOncore for the first time, you will want to set your port setting by going to Options, Communications, PC Communications. This is where you will select which port you will be using.

By default it will open using the Motorola Binary Protocol. You can switch to NMEA in this application by clicking on Options, then Enable NMEA Protocol. You will also use WinOncore to switch your unit back to MBP. If you do not subscribe to OnStar, or could care less that they can't track you any longer, you can just leave your GPS output set to NMEA. The only change you will visibly see is the green light on your OnStar controls will turn and stay red.

Once this is done, you will be able to launch a mapping software package and utilize the GPS tracking info. But for now, let's take a look at some of the info you can get from WinOncore.

Here is a shot showing tracked satellites.

Here is a shot showing the "Navigation Window". You will see it shows your Latitude, Longitude and GPS Height. This window will also show you how many satellites are visible and how many are tracked. Also viewable is your speed and true heading when moving.

You can play around with it. Shows you some interesting info.

I am now utilizing DeLorme Street Atlas with my In-Truck Computer. So far everything works flawlessly. We did a comparison with one of the DeLorme GPS "Pucks" and this Onstar mod blows it away. First thing, you do not need to find a place to tape/zip-tie the darn puck. 2nd, even if you do not run your GPS software and drive 500 miles away, you do not need to wait that dreaded 30 to 300 seconds for the GPS to reconfigure itself to the new area. Your Onstar is on every time you start your vehicle, and moves with you. The signal strength on the satellites were also at least 30% stronger with the OnStar mod as opposed to the "Puck".

Good Luck & Enjoy!


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