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Opening The Unit

Now you are ready to open your unit. Let's place it down on the desk or bench in this direction and using a small screwdriver, open the lid. It is not held on by any screws or anything.



A pry here and there will get the top to come off.


Now, take a look at the board. You should see the four points where the oncore board mounts, and your 10 pin interface plug solder. If you do not see this, you probably took off the wrong cover. No big deal, snap it back on and do the other side.

Now if you want to be double sure that you have the Oncore GT+ board in your system, take out that top board by removing this screw...

And removing the antenna connection........

It takes a little work to get it out but it will. Inside you will see a small silver box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Pry the top off if it.

Here I provided links to the onboard GPS unit manufactured by Motorola. They, however, do not make or support that board any longer so no info. You'll have to email me to get a copy of WinOncore.

Like I said at the beginning, this is based on a 2002 Avalanche and I am learning that there are some Sony units out there as well, with which I can't help you with at this time..

Let's Solder

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