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Removing The Unit

Sit in your passenger seat with your 7mm socket, extension, and ratchet.




Empty your glove box, and press the small tab so it will drop all the way down. The Onstar Unit is mounted vertically. Undo the bolt on either side and remove the top bracket.

Now, look up under the box thru your glove box opening. You will see the two plugs that need to be removed. They can take a little time to get out but they will release. There is also an antenna plug under there. Very hard to see. You will want to unplug that as well. To make things easier, you can undo the antenna plug up towards the top by unplugging it and removing the nut that holds the plug to the mount. This will also help facilitate the reinstall.

Now you will pull the unit straight up and out. A little shimmy or two, but it will slide out quite fine.

And there it is. You have just completed the most difficult part of this whole procedure. Putting the dash back together is even easier than pulling apart.

Let's Open It Up And Solder

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